Want To Improve Your Video Game Skills? Try Dance

Want To Improve Your Video Game Skills? Try Dance

With the video game convention known as PAX West behind us, I started thinking about two great passions of mine: ballroom dance and video games. While it would be awesome to have a ballroom dancing video game in existence (I’m picturing Dance Dance Revolution but with a simulated partner), what is currently at the forefront of my mind is how ballroom dance has improved my gaming skills. Here are four ways taking on ballroom dance has helped me and will help you as well.

Build Better Teams

  • With the rising popularity of MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games) such as World of Warcraft, the ability to interact and relate to human players in real time is becoming more and more important. Want to convince others to join your team and motivate them to join you on future campaigns? Brush up on your social skills through dance.

Improve Foresight

  • When you’re out battling a big foe or a large group of villains, you need to have a plan B, C, and maybe even a plan D. A great way to hone that skill? Grab a dance partner. As you move around the floor, you need to account for other dancers, how your partner will react to you, and a variety of other possibilities. And that foresight will carry over into your gaming life.

Increase Responsiveness

  • When the bad guy turns on you in an unexpected way, you have to be able to respond accordingly. While there are no “bad guys” in dance, there other dancers, timing changes, physical obstacles, and other factors that can suddenly pop up. Learning to adapt in the face of those situations will help boost your responsiveness overall.

Give Your Body A Break

  • Repetitive motions such as keyboard tapping or mouse clicking make your body more prone to carpal tunnel syndrome. Two ways to prevent it tie perfectly into dance: dance helps you maintain great posture and acts as one of many breaks you need to give yourself. So do your hands a service and start dancing.

While a lot of this article is catered more towards guys who are gamers like me, the benefits mentioned are valuable to everyone. Much like football players are known to branch out by taking ballet lessons, there are benefits galore available to gamers through dance. So do yourself a favor and schedule a lesson!

Know of other benefits dancing can bring to your gaming abilities? Let me know at ross.ambellevue@gmail.com

Written by: Ross, Communications Consultant for Arthur Murray Everett
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