From Us to You; Arthur Murray Everett, 2016.

From Us to You; Arthur Murray Everett, 2016.

Dear Students and Fellow Dance Enthusiasts,

From the spark that inspired us to start dancing and the incentives which drive us to continue, to the skills we acquire and the benefits we gain, all of us are unique in our dance journeys.

This belief inspired a group of teachers to come together and create a resource you can use to learn as much as you’d like about a variety of topics relating to dance.

Starting this Tuesday and continuing every week, we’ll be posting exciting articles for you to enjoy, such as exercises and stretches to improve your balance, things to consider when buying dance shoes, and the best places to go dancing. So be sure to check back each week for a fun new read.

From all of us here at Arthur Murray Everett, thank you for visiting our blog. We look forward to seeing you here next week.


Arthur Murray Everett Franchisees & Staff


Written by: Ross, Communications Consultant for Arthur Murray Everett
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