Our Instructors

All of our instructors are skilled dancers who are there to grow your confidence. That means tailoring dance lessons to each
individual. Our goal is to guide you toward good technique and always nurturing a positive atmosphere.

Anya | Franchisee

Meghan | New Student Director

Jerry | Instructor

Alex | Instructor

Mylez | Instructor

Megan | Instructor

Reviews & Testimonials

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  • I have been learning dance at Arthur Murray for more than six months now. It has been a very fulfilling experience. The staff is super talented, friendly and make sure... read more

    Shivank G. Avatar
    Shivank G.

    The staff at Arthur Murray Dance School of Federal Way is not only friendly but they willing want to help each student achieve the goals that they are striving to... read more

    Tandy T. Avatar
    Tandy T.

    So much fun and all of the instructors are excellent

    Janet H. Avatar
    Janet H.

    Very laid back. Comfortable and easy. Leo was very patient.

    Denise G. Avatar
    Denise G.
  • We had a private lesson and had a great experience!

    Heidi E. Avatar
    Heidi E.

    Great teachers. Fun atmosphere. Amazing service.

    Tj L. Avatar
    Tj L.

    Instructors are super positive and make any new dancer feel welcome and excited about dancing.

    Christine T. Avatar
    Christine T.

    I was always scared of the dance floor, but decided I needed to get over that. Arthur Murray took me from knowing nothing to dancing many styles and any music!... read more

    John M. Avatar
    John M.
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